the concept


= A small animal with a duck-like bill, a beaver-esque tail, webbed feet and fur. It’s a mammal, but…it lays eggs. It lives mostly in the water. And it uses electro-receptors in its bill to hunt prey. Males have venomous spurs on their hind legs. The good news: the venom won’t kill you. The bad news: it can cause incapacitating pain.
= When the first platypus fur was sent to Europe in the 1800s, everyone there thought it was a hoax.
= The platypus is uncommon, found only in eastern Australia. But it is not currently endangered.
= eclectic = thought-provoking = interesting = charming = selective = curious = transgressive = hilarious = perplexing = incongruous = amazing = alarming = fascinating = wondrous = bizarre = ridiculous = utterly adorable
= a delightfully contradictory and multi-faceted metaphor
= pla(y)+typ(e)+us
= to give up; withdraw; cease to/from (often associated with great sadness)
= to give oneself over without restraint (often associated with great joy)
= both of the above simultaneously
= signifying the exquisite complexity and paradox of human emotions and experiences
= a+b+and+on = adding one element to another, creating something greater than the sum of its parts, and embracing the resulting adventure
platypus abandon
= a playground for exploring the processes of giving up and/or over, and the many diverse elements of life, in a way that is eclectic, thought-provoking, interesting, charming, selective, curious, transgressive, hilarious, perplexing, incongruous, amazing, alarming, fascinating, wondrous, bizarre, ridiculous, utterly adorable, any combination of these, or in any other manner that can be arguably associated with a platypus*

* so, really, anything goes